More than 95% identify as Roman Catholic; the other are Orthodox, Protestants, Jews

Social conventions:

  • shaking hands is the normal form of greeting;

  • it is considered courteous to kiss a woman’s hand as a way of greeting. This practice is particularly popular among the older generation.

  • when you go with the first visit to a private home it is customary to bring flowers to the lady of the house

  • and even on the first visit do not be surprised to be offered by your host a pair of slippers for your comfort.

  • if you travel on public transport, be prepared for a display of old fashioned courtesy: young people give up their places to the elderly, while gentlemen make way for ladies.

  • while dining in a restaurant, you will be expected to leave a tip. Tipping is similar to the rest of Europe, i.e. at least 10% of the value of the bill. Usually you just add it in and tell the waiter how much you are paying in total (including the tip). Do not just hand the waiter a note and say ‘thank you' at the same time, which here means ‘keep the change’.

  • fairly conservative casual wear is the most suitable attire, but if you expect to attend a wedding or a red-letter party, some entertaining in the evening or in a smart restaurant be more dressy.

  • Smoking is banned in public places, including railway stations, restaurants and bars.

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