Need to know that:

  • the main ingredient of Polish cuisine is the potato.

  • the most popular kind of meat is the pork.

  • Poles love soups and have a variety of them. They are usually rich and very thick.

  • Lunch - called dinner - is the main meal of the day, and is consumed early in the afternoon. It has two main dishes: a soup at first, after that portion of meat with vegetables and potatoes or rice. A desert on the end – cake, pudding or fruits. Dinner is accompanied by tea or fruit juice.

  • Poles traditionally wish each other SMACZNEGO, the Polish equivalent of ‘bon appetit’, at the start of a meal. They end it in a delightful way too – by saying thank you to one another!



Pierogi – they are very similar to Italian ravioli. They have a variety of forms and tastes (ranging from sweet to salty to spicy). Pierogi are the piece of special kind of pastry filled with white cheese, potatoes and fried onions (pierogi ruskie) or ground meat or mushrooms with cabbage or with an assortment of fruits. Almost every cook has own recipy.

Czerwony Barszcz – a soup made of red beetroot, onion, garlic, carrots, celery, root parsley and leek. The ingredients are cooked for some time together to produce a clear broth. It is served as boullion in cups.

Pączki – similar to doughnuts – deep-fried piece of dough shaped into flattened spheres and filled with sweet filing. It is covered with powdered sugar or icing.

Żurek - a soup made of soured rye flower and meat. It is served with boiled eggs, sausage and horseradish.

Gołąbki - ground meat, chopped onion and/or rice rolled in a cabbage and baked with tomato sauce.

Zapiekanka - the national snack, a baguette topped with mushrooms, melted cheese and tomato sauce. Served hot.

Kotlet schabowy - breaded pork chops.

Bigos – it's a stew dish made of sauerkraut, beef, Polish sausage, bacon, dried mushrooms, dried plums and onion. Some cooks put good red wine inside.


Sernik - a cheesecake made with cottage cheese and baked with raisins or/and other candied fruit.

Makowiec - a cake layered with poppy seed-based paste.


Wódka: The country's national tipple is Polish vodka, which comes in many different varieties. King among Polish vodkas is the legendary Żubrówka, infused with bison grass.



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