Poland is the largest of the East European countries which joined the EU in May 2004. It is comparable in size to Italy or Germany (in USA larger than New Mexico) and with a population of approximately 38 million it ranks among the most influential and remarkable countries in central and Eastern Europe. Poland – situated in the heart of Europe, is a country of rich history and cultural heritage and boasts many beautiful nature with Europe’s oldest primeval forest. This alongside the exciting atmosphere of modern Poland



This country has absolutely amazing nature. Over 312 000 km2 of beautiful landscape and wonderful places to see. From picturesque mountains in the South, where the culture and traditions of it’s habitants is still well-perceptible, through the endless Lowland known as the Polish granary, Masuria- the region of 1000 lakes, breathtaking views and source of fresh air thanks to the quantity of forests and natural sources to the North, where Poland accesses to Baltic Sea. Wherever you are in Poland, there is likely some rare and wonderful wildlife nearby. From swans in the marshlands to grey wolves in the Carpathians and European Bison in the Bialowieza National Park. It is a nature-lover’s dreamland.

Local cultures

Poland is a country with many different local cultures. Each region has its own language pronunciation, architecture, clothes, music and cuisine. In many places the inhabitants live according to traditional customs. A region's culture is promoted through inns which serve traditional local cuisine and through agritourism farms which show everyday life of the local people.


UNESCO World Heritage List

Many Polish tourist sights have already gained a worldwide reputation and are an absolute must to see This country posses 14 diverse places listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List – well known Krakow with the biggest medieval market square and former Jewish district (which is linked to the movie “Schindler's list”), the former Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau - the largest “death factory” in the history of humanity and silence witness of human tragedy, Wieliczka - the oldest salt mine in Europe, the impressive underground world of salt lakes, chambers, galleries and the unique museum of Salt Works created by many generations of Polish miners, Malbork - the largest brick teutonic castle in Poland and one of the oldest ones and many more.


Poland is proud to be the birthplace of many world famous people such as Pope John Paul II, astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus, composer Fryderyk Chopin, scientist and winner of two Nobel Prizes Maria Skłodowska-Curie, icon of Solidarity Lech Wałęsa. And many well known sportsmen – footballer Robert Lewandowski, ski-jumpers Adam Małysz and Kamil Stoch, cross country skieer Justyna Kowalczyk, tennis player Agnieszka Radwańska, hammer thrower, double Olimpic Champion Anita Włodarczyk.


Why Poland?

  • convenient location in Central Europe
  • rich offer of high-end hotels and unique facilities
  • widely developed infrastructure of newly opened conference and congress centers
  • climate and nature diversity - mountains, sea, lakes, rivers… providing unlimited opportunities for relaxation as well as active and adventure activities
  • diverse services combined with Polish tradition and history
  • qualified services combined with traditional Polish hospitality
  • good value for money


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