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Poland from centuries was a place where visitors could get rid of various maladies and sicknesses.

The oldest health treatment place in Poland were founded in 12th century near hot springs. Nowadays there are 45 SPA TOWNS which healing power can be found in almost every corner of the country. These places are unique not only becouse of their quality of therapeutic treatment using natural mineral waters, mud or wide range of physiotherapy, but also becouse of their location in picturesque surroundings.

The number of SPA RESORTS in Poland are growing. You can find them in the mountains, in the Mazury district, by the sea, or in city centers.

In Polish spa & wellness resorts you can take advantage of a wide range of cosmetic and relaxation treatments or or you can participate in numerous attractions provided on site: biking trips, hikes and cultural events.

We provide a stay in the best spa resorts in Poland in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere.  What do you want to do – have a bath in a marble tub? Walk along the biggest „tężnia” in Europe breathing refreshing air? Radon inhalation in the tunnels of the former uranium mine? Or may be just relax with a  special diet?

Thanks to mineral resources Polish HEALTH RESORTS can cure a lot of different health problems such as:

  • cardiological illnesses and overpressure
  • digestive tract disorders
  • endocrine problems and diabetes
  • women’s diseases
  • rheumatologic illnesses
  • respiratory disorders and throat problems
  • skin diseases
  • osteoporosis and orthopaedic-traumatic diseases including joints and spine pain
  • urinary tract diseases
  • nervous system diseases

The most common treatments are:

  • wide range of hydrotherapy: water baths, whirlpool massage of upper and lower limbs, automatic under-water massage
  • physical therapy: electrotherapy, thermotherapy, local cryotherapy, ultrasounds, phonophoresis, laser therapy, bio stimulation, magnet therapy.
  • therapeutic massages
  • kinesiotherapy: indywidual exercises, breathing exercises, PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation), manual therapy

Due to the combined effect of above teatment methods patients can improve the efficiency of the muscles, joints, cardiovascular system and lungs, reduce pain and what is the most important – stop the progression of a disease.

We offer packages in major HEALTH RESORTS in Poland including: accomodation (from 3* to 5*), board, transfer airport-resort-airoport, health treatment (about 5 different medical treatment a day, English speaking healthcare during the stay), use of sauna and swimming pool with no limits (depends on the accomodation) and trips to the biggest tourist attractions of the area.

Every treatment is preceded by a detailed diagnosis of specialized doctors and physiotherapists depending on the type of disease and previous medical examinations. After that, the indyvidual plan of treatment, including set of therapies, is selected.

Don’t hesitate. 

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