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Local cultures

Poland is a country extremely rich in ethnography.

Almost every region has different dresses, cuisine, language expressions and customs.
Most of this local folklore can be found during church ceremonies and during Christmas and Easter.

Corpus Christi Procession in Lowicz district

Corpus Christi Procession in the Tatra Mountains

Young girls from Kurpie region during Palm Sunday

Folklore is also special floral designs that are used to decorate homes, small utility items and clothes.

In many regions women still  embroided tablecloths, napkins, shirts and even ties.Those products enjoy unflagging demand and become a very nice souvenir from Poland.

Wooden house in Zalipie
The interior of wooden house in Zalipie
(Cracow region)

Mural design in Katowice – Upper Silesia region

Local cultures are famos for their music. There is a lot of different instruments, sounds and songs. The one of most known folk team which performes folk songs and dancings is Mazowsze. Below the link from „Mazowsze” web site with a very short piece of their performences

And one more interesting group – „Tulia” – four girls in folk costumes sing covers of famous Polish and international songs

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