Poland has absolutely amazing and diverse nature.

In the south – picturesque mountains. The most known and the tallest Tatra mountains which are home for almost 1000 spieces plants and animals, the Bieszczady mountains with wild routes, the Karkonosze mountains with absolutely amazing rock formations.

In the middle – the endless Lowland known as the Polish granary with our biggest rivers: Vistula, Odra, Narew, Warta. The nature in the backwaters of rivers is so georgeous that some places are called „Polish Amazonia”.

In the north two completely different lands – in the east Masuria Lakes – the land of 1000 lakes, country of breathtaking views and source of fresh air thanks to the quantity of forests and in the west, seaside with charming sandy beaches.

Wherever you are in Poland, there is likely some rare and wonderful wildlife nearby. From swans in the marshlands to grey wolves in the Carpathians and European Bison in the Bialowieza National Park. Poland is a nature-lover’s dreamland.

Don’t hesitate. 

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